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About Us

Fitness is a Lifestyle

At Full Circle Fitness and Social Club, our approach to health is unique, we understand that physical fitness is vital to our health but just as important is nutrition and creating an environment where community and friendship feed the soul. Mind, Body, Spirit. We asked ourselves what makes Oak Park so special?  Yes, the classes, excellent Teachers and friendly staff, but most important was the people that walk through the door.  And with that in mind, how can we foster growth and love within? We opened Full Circle Fitness and Social Club to dive deeper into the dimensions of wellness, we are ALL difference makers in our personal, work, and social lives.  The 'Social Club' is a platform to develop new skills and hobbies, be active in our community outreach, and be a place of inclusion and acceptance through all life's challenges.

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Holly Blakeley
Club Owner
'Coming Full Circle'

Hello!  I am the Founder of Full Circle Fitness and Social Club established in March 2019.  After years of being a studio owner for a national franchise, I, and with the support of an amazing Team, decided to go independent and create a studio and social club that not only focuses on fitness but other areas of health and wellness. By adding elements to the studio platform that support the growth and continuous learning that ultimately add to personal satisfaction within.


I have been teaching barre and cycle classes for over 6 years but my love for exercise was a roller coaster of love and hate. Prior to opening a boutique fitness studio in 2013, I worked in the insurance industry in Chicago. After a long day of work, I would (begrudgingly) go to the local gym, find it awkward and intimidating and did not feel any different.  I actually hated the experience. As many others do, the cycle of going to the gym and quitting went on for years. When I found barre classes, my life changed. Barre classes, although difficult, were doable. I had one hour of constant direction that I could follow, concentrate on exactly was being said, not think about deadlines, sales goals, where I thought I should be in life, it was just me, listening to those clear directions from the Instructor.  


I found my style, pace, and felt amazing.  The results were seen but most important was the confidence I felt.


 "Every day, most interactions you have with society and your environment are a 'negotiation',  a give and take.  When you come to the studio, this is one hour of your day that there is no such compromise, you decide what pace you are feeling at that particular time, what you need emotionally, and you are present in the moment, as an Individual.  You are just YOU, although still a spouse, parent, friend, employee, etc.,  but for one hour there are no expectations except what you desire to do for you, alone.  It is one singular honest moment to celebrate you, honoring yourself and your health.  When you are happy, life's obstacles aren't seen as obstacles but a time of growth and change. Change is the only constant in our lives."  


 That is what brought ME to the place I am today, my singular goal is to give the opportunity for EVERYONE, all sizes, ages, and fitness levels, a place that is inclusive to all and where you, as an individual, are seen or heard and appreciated.  Difference Makers that spread your happiness to all because you feel powerful within Yourself


-a circle does not have a distinct beginning or end--it has a point, the center-