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Full Circle Team

I am credited in teaching Barre, Cycle, and Water Aroebics (true) and have been teaching for over 5 years. I was not born a natural teacher but stepped out of my comfort zone, being in front of people, all because I wanted to share my experience of taking a class for the first time, second, and 100th time. Every class you take is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself and about the positions. Barre and Cycle are special to me. I struggled with exercise throughout my 20's and never imagined I would find something I loved, loved enough to open a studio! I know there are people, like me, who have struggled with finding a program they actually like, stick to, and enjoy. They are Me and possibly You! In class, my communication through teaching is conversational, if I can hit home by using an analogy that resonates with one individual, I can see it in their eyes. I live for that moment! I live in Oak Park with my favorite friend, Megatron, a silver lab you will see around the studio. I love reading, am passionate about plants and gardening and I most importantly, I love my family, friends, and people. Come to Full Circle Fitness and Social Club, take a class, you will see that every single person on the staff is genuine, giving and want to make a difference in your life. Become part of our community, our Club.

Club Owner

Holly Blakeley

Fitness and movement have been my passion since I was a child. I have been teaching for over 25 years. I strive to be a life long learner and believe that as movement is the first form of communication, there are always new techniques and ideas to learn. Keeping educated and informed is very important to me. I have high energy and ask anyone who is in class with me to push themselves a little farther than they think they can go - because if not now, then when? have an extensive background in dance and am a Laban Certified Movement Analyst. I danced professionally for The Dance COLEctive for 7 years so my style is very dance based. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and hold specialty certifications in TurboKICK, Piloxing, RIPPED, Tabata Bootcamp, Pilates Mat, Manju Jois Ashtanga Yoga, and Schwinn Indoor Cycling. I hold a BA in Dance with specialization in teaching from Columbia College Chicago as well as a graduate certificate from the Dance Movement Therapy Department in Laban Movement Analysis. I helped found the Center for Community Arts Partnerships (CCAP) of Columbia College Chicago. CCAP developed programs that expanded learning, connected Columbia College to schools and communities and built a new generation of engaged artists. I am married, have two daughters and two rescue dogs. I love to hike, bike, and camp in my spare time. I am beyond excited to be the Chief of Fitness at Full Circle Fitness and Social Club. With my education, training, love of teaching, this amazing community; you would say, that I have prepared all my life for this challenge. I am ready to create, support, and continue to grow myself, teachers, and you. I promise. I will keep challenging you, every day, just like I do myself, to be your best. Be You, Who else is better than being You?

Chief of Fitness

Edna Radnik-Madonia

I was raised as an Air Force brat; therefore, I had a rather nomadic childhood. I've been happy to call the Chicago area home for the past 35+ years. I worked for over 25 years as a Legal Secretary which led me to the wonderful man to whom I have been married for almost 23 years. I am the mother of a beautiful grown daughter who has two sons and to a handsome 20-year-old son who we adopted at birth and is now a junior at ISU. As I have gotten older, keeping fit and healthy has become increasingly important to me. Once I came upon this exercise format I was hooked! I now enjoy being a part of this community both as a student and studio manager! It's a beautiful life!

Club Manager

Alanna Sullivan

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and have been married to my husband Tom for 31 years. Originally from Dubuque, Iowa. I have lived in Oak Park for 32 years. I'm fortunate enough to have 2 of my 3 sisters living here as well. Ironically, our mother is a native Oak Parker. So, I guess you could say we've come "full circle". I love being a part of this community and find great satisfaction and joy supporting people. Come experience that same joy I feel at Full Circle Fitness and Social Club!

Club Manager

Meg Northey

My first introduction to movement was as a small child when my mother would devise creative movement games for them to play that were physical, interactive and FUN. Thankfully, moving the body continued to be an enjoyable experience which soon drove me to seek a life and career sharing the joy of movement with others. I believe my purpose in life is to offer movement as a means to bring you closer to self, and build a strong body, mind, and spirit. In my classes, you can expect all of the things my mother instilled in me all those years ago: humor, creativity, and physically challenging movement. You will feel a sense of community with your fellow students, and leave glowing and feeling better than you did when you walked in. I come with 20 years of teaching humans of all ages. My journey so far includes receiving a BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago, a certification in Dance Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a 200-hour certification in yoga instruction through Tejas Yoga with her amazing teachers James Tennant and Jim Bennitt, as well as extensive continued training in barre fitness. I am also Co-Founder and Head Captain of the most energetic dance fitness format around PomSquad Fitness and also a Consultant for Rodan + Fields Skin Care. My love for teaching, educating, and dance is seen and felt in my classes. Join me at Full Circle Fitness and Social Club and experience my unique style for yourself!

Lead Instructor

Jena Ertel

Bio Coming!


Eileen Johnson

An Oak Park native, I achieved All American Athlete status while swimming at Oak Park River Forest High School. I acquired an athletic scholarship to Arizona State University where I earned a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice & Political Science. I then pursued my interest in law to gain a Juris Doctorate. After raising a family and a transitional period in my life, I went back to my basics remembering the tools needed to lead an extraordinary life: pouring love within, fueling my body with premium nutrition and moving my body! I live in LaGrange with my two children were I fill my life with love, Isagenix and master’s swimming. "When we move our bodies, fuel our bodies, and nurture ourselves, amazing things happen! I look forward to striving to greatness together!”

Instructor/Motivational Guide

Sara Goggin-Young

Growing up as a dancer, my family used to say I could pirouette better than I could walk. They weren't wrong, I fell...a lot. Dance and complementary exercises have always been integral parts of my life. I have always been drawn to exercise classes where I learned about my anatomical form, how to gain strength, and how to further infuse movement with grace--supporting my development as a dancer. Throughout college and graduate school my studies focused on the mind/body connection. I was fascinated with cultivating more understanding of how psychological, behavioral, and cultural factors contributed to physical health and illness. Today, as a Health Psychologist, I feel most balanced (and challenged) when I'm practicing exercise that requires an integration of mind and body. Exercise that challenges me to remember that training my thoughts is just as important in the pursuit of physical goals as training my body. That what I say to myself both in and outside of class matters, and will inevitably impact my performance and, most importantly, my health. At Full Circle Fitness, I embrace the opportunity to share messages of health, balance, integration, and well-being with our thoughtful community.


Tracy Bisterfeldt

I’ve been somewhat of a gym rat since my mid 20’s. I started with Step Aerobics classes (2-3x/week) and circuit training on machines. (2-3x/week). I took a “break” from exercising for 3 years when I had my kids (big mistake… the break from exercising, not the kids, haha). I then decided to join a gym, where I discovered Cycle classes, Bosu aerobics, weight training, pilates, and yoga. I’ve attempted running — 5K’s, 8K’s, and 1 half marathon; suffered injuries and decided my body was not made for it. I discovered custom boutique fitness classes in 2015 and have been hooked ever since. My educational and career background is in Chemistry. I worked in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry as a lab analyst, then a technical trainer, and a lab manager. I’ve been a stay at home mom since having my 2 boys. I’ve spent quite a bit of time volunteering in my kids’ classrooms, school organizations, and swim club. I currently work part time teaching at two fitness locations. Come see why Full Circle Fitness & Social Club is the best!


Michaela Comiskey

I am originally from the East Coast and made the move to River Forest years ago to begin a family and to follow my career. I now feel the midwest as my home! I am a working mom of two boys and between commuting to the city for my career and home-life, I am super busy. The time I spend on myself, I am all about enjoying a good book, seeing live music, eating out, and traveling. My all-time favorite food is a cheeseburger. I absolutely love teaching cycle classes - it combines two of the things I love the most - exercise and music! I am grateful every day for the opportunity to teach, even if that means waking up before 5 AM.' I used to a be avid runner for over twenty years but after 5 knee surgeries, I had to consider other forms of fitness. When I found cycle classes, I found exactly what I needed to feed the love on high-intensity training with low impact on my body. My cycle classes are amazing, my classes are intense with clear directive cueing so my students can follow instructions, enjoy the music, and accomplish what I found in indoor cycle classes!


Suzanne D'Agostino

I've been in competitive sports since I was six. I swam growing up, played softball and water polo in college. I dabbled in triathlons in my twenties but had to stop after my back issues. I spent years fighting my body, frustrated with what I couldn't do and what I felt were its shortcomings. Not until recently have I learned to forgive, accept and love who I am. Now, I'm just so excited to see what I can do every time I step foot into the studio. What we can do together. Fitness has given me the outlet to grow, I'm forever grateful. Join me at Full Circle Fitness & Social Club and see how I can help you grow too!


Valerie Kalita

I've always been somewhat active since high school (cross country & softball). I started running as exercise pretty regularly in my late 20's until my knees didn't agree with that. After having my youngest, my physical therapist said I needed to strengthen my core to help with my lower back problems. I pretty much laughed in her face. I started Barre classes in 2015 and have been practicing since. Thanks to this, chiropractic appointments were not needed! I have been passionate about Barre since! It changed my life, just as it will change yours. My students and teammates inspire me to be a better teacher daily. Come be inspired with me at Full Circle Fitness & Social Club!


Jen T.

I have been working in group exercise for more than 20 years. I have a passion for cycle, strength and mat Pilates. I am constantly striving to improve my fitness and keep class participants challenged. I am a resident of Oak Park along with my family, husband Jorge and children, Julia and Diego. My classes are full of energy, my approach and style are all about having fun while encouraging students to reach for their maximize levels. I love teaching, I love motivating, and you will have a great time when you come to my classes at Full Circle Fitness and Social Club. Join us!


Rebecca Vonderlack

I fell in love with fitness when I was 15. I was homeschooled Freshman year and had to have a PE credit so I joined a new gym in my town. I loved how it made me feel- strong and confident. I was addicted. I swam in high school on the swim team and did other workouts on my own like running and lifting weights. I went to a 6-month trade school right after high school in Kansas City. I started personal training in Chicagoland and loved (still love) helping and encouraging people. I loved building so many relationships with people. I used to teach body pump, bootcamp classes, and have taught cycle on and off since 2006. I encourage you to join me at Full Circle Fitness & Social Club!


Rebekah Baltic

I was athletic at school - track and field, and I continued to enjoy keeping fit. I attended gyms regularly, took cardio classes and would run in local 5k races. I started to play tennis competitively about 12 years ago and soon realized that in order to improve my game I needed to continue to work on my movement and fitness levels. That's when I discovered my love and passion for barre fitness. Let me share my passion with you at Full Circle Fitness and Social Club!


Shirley Bevan

I grew up in a sporty house participating in team athletics my entire youth. After high school, I continued running as a hobby and as a primary form of exercise until I started experiencing hip pain. Luckily, a boutique fitness studio opened in my neighborhood that same year and it completely transformed my perspective on fitness. The mind-body connection made for a physical challenge unlike any I had previously experienced. While I felt almost immediate physical results, it was the mental benefits that really hooked me. I found that the practice relieved stress and brought a calming balance to my life that I did not even realize I was missing as a school teacher and eventually a new mom. My love of teaching and my love of this practice gradually combined into the desire to share these mind-body benefits with others, and here I am. Come share my desires at Full Circle Fitness & Social Club!


Julie Dauksas

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Laura Berendt

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Health and Lifestyle Coach

Jenn Krusinski